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Mini-Abdominoplasty & Lipo-Abdominoplasty

Many patients who are not in need of a full tummy tuck still want to tighten and tone their abdomens through surgery.


For patients who do not require the fuller abdominoplasty, Dr. Newton offers mini-abdominoplasty.


This procedure only requires one smaller incision below the bikini line, and the belly button may not need to be repositioned, so scarring is reduced and recovery is quicker. The skin and fat are lifted up and the muscle is tightened from the umbilicus down. Excess skin and fat are removed.


Recovery is generally quicker than for more extensive tummy tucks, but you will need to be careful for a number of weeks. You will need to wear a support garment as well.


When done on the correct patient, this is a very rewarding operation, providing many of the changes seen in a full abdominoplasty.·


The risks are somewhat less than for larger tummy tucks.


Lipo-Abdominoplasty is a combination of liposuction to the abdomen with a reduced abdominoplasty. It can combine Apronectomy, muscle tightening, and umbilical relocation with liposuction to the anterior abdomen. In lipoabominoplasty the abdominal fat and skin layer is not lifted to the same extent as a standard abdominoplasty and a “Corsette operation” cannot be done. Recovery is essentially the same as for a full abdominoplasty.

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