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Inverted Nipples

Inverted Nipples, or Retrused Nipples, are nipples which do not stick out far enough. This can be an embarrassment for a woman and can make breast- feeding difficult.

Inverted nipples are caused by tightness or shortness of the ducts which run from the breast gland forward to the nipple itself. This holds the nipple back and it may be quite flat or even pulled in. It may come out a little with stimulation or pulling, but sometimes not at all.

It is surgically correctable.

The operation is designed to release and lengthen the ducts leading from the deeper breast gland to the nipple itself. It involves stripping the fine muscle off the ducts, so they can’t contract, and stretching the ducts out.

I do it through two very small incisions on each side of the nipple, and I anchor the nipple forward with some sutures.

It is not a long operation and could be done under local anaesthetic. Understandably however, most women prefer me to do it under a general anaesthetic.

Recovery is quick and the results are generally good. Complications are rare, but include reduced sensation and compromise of breast feeding.

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