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Over time, women’s breasts tend to droop, stretch, and sag. Serving the Newcastle area from his Warners Bay office, Dr. Newton performs breast lift surgery to counteract the effects of aging, gravity, and childbirth, restoring the breasts to a more youthful position higher up on the chest.


The breast lift procedure involves tightening the breast and lifting the nipple. It may be a simple skin operation or a more involved operation involving lifting the breast gland tissue as well. Dr. Newton may use liposuction to remove unneeded fatty tissue as part of the procedure. During a breast lift, Dr. Newton can also modify the size and shape of the breast. Patients who have lost significant breast volume or firmness may choose to have breast implants placed as part of the same procedure, while those whose breasts are larger than they like may decide to have some breast tissue and skin removed.


After breast lift surgery is complete, patients will be fitted with a bra to support the breasts during healing. Dr. Newton will schedule a follow-up appointment at his Newcastle-area practice one week after surgery for all breast lift patients. With Dr. Newton’s technique, there are no stitches to remove, and the patient will usually be able to return to work in between two and four weeks. Full healing usually takes about six weeks or so. You will need to wear a good support bra during your recovery.


Results are generally very rewarding. The breasts sit higher on the chest and the nipples tend to sit up rather than point down.. Scarring varies according to the extent of the lift.


Every patient is individually assessed and Dr. Newton’s fee will reflect the type and complexity of the procedure required.

At your consultation with Dr. Newton you will discuss the costs with our office manager. The costs will be explained and you will receive a detailed written costing. If a rebate is applicable it will be clearly defined in your costing.


The complications of Breast Lift are rare, but include tissue not surviving and change to nipple sensation.

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