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Arm Reduction / Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty is the medical term for arm reduction. Many women have a problem with excess fat and skin in their upper arms. It is sometimes referred to as “ tuck-shop arms “. It can be embarrassing and limit the clothes a woman can or wants to wear.


Brachioplasty is done under general anaesthetic and in a hospital. It usually involves liposuction and the excision of a large ellipse of skin from the upper arm. There will be a scar running down the inner aspect of the arm when the wound is closed.


During the recovery period, you will have to wear a support garment for about 3 weeks. You man find some activities uncomfortable. recovery time and recovery procedures.


.This operation will produce significant change in your arms. I have to say however, that the soft skin of the inner arm can re stretch.


Every patient is individually assessed and Dr. Newton’s fee will reflect the type and complexity of the procedure required.

At your consultation with Dr. Newton you will discuss the costs with our office manager. The costs will be explained and you will receive a detailed written costing. If a rebate is applicable it will be clearly defined in your costing.


The scar can be noticeable and you may have some altered sensation in you arms.

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