Rejuvenate Your Smile And Lips With Lip Augmentation In Newcastle

Rejuvenate Your Smile And Lips With Lip Augmentation In Newcastle

Lip AugmentationAs you age, you may find that your lips thin and become harder to notice. These gradual changes, although normal, may trigger feelings of doubt and poor self image. Many women have tried numerous lipstick to restore their smiles to their original fullness, but continue to struggle on a daily basis to make their lips plump once more. However, there is a very simple solution to your concerns. With a simple procedure called a lip augmentation, your face and lips can be once more in perfect proportion. Dr. John Newton can expertly reshape your lips with his a lip augmentation in Newcastle.

What is lip augmentation?

As women age, their lips lose fullness and shape due to skin weakness and loss of collagen production. This change can make women worry excessively over their public image and whether other people notice their thinning lips. With a lip augmentation, a skilled surgeon like Dr. Newton can restore your lips to their youthful fullness and suppleness.

A lip augmentation is a procedure that can be performed on women who suffer from thin or disfigured lips. The procedure can involve one of several methods: lip fillers, fat transfer, or synthetic implants.

A fat transfer involves transplanting previously existing fat from another area of your body, such as your buttocks or thighs, to your lips. Dr. Newton will carefully remove fat cells from other parts, distill the fat, and inject it into your lips. Dr. Newton ensures that these injections will not cause discomfort by applying some topical lidocaine to your face before performing. Afterwards, your face and lips will be stunning and plump once more.

With a lip filler, Dr. Newton will inject a safe synthetic filler to fill in the lip space. He will slowly inject these fillers into your upper and lower lips so that they swell and appear young and youthful. These fillers are ideal for women who seek temporary enhancement as they last up to a year.

For women who seek a permanent solution, lip implants are an excellent choice. They are safe, long lasting, and durable so that you do not need constant additions. Dr. Newton will make a small incision and place the implant right under the surface of the skin. This way, your lips will appear natural and feel comfortable.

How do I know which choice is best?

Dr. NewtonIf you are wondering which option is the best for you, Dr. Newton can assist in making that decision. During your first consultation, he will examine your face and lips to determine the best choice of augmentation. He may take pictures and physically examine your lips. Together you will make a treatment plan that both fulfills your aesthetic desires and that is medically safe. If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Newton will address them during your meetings. He will walk you through what the different procedures feel like and how he specifically operates.

If you are ready to smile with large full lips once more, contact the office of Dr. Newton for more information about his lip augmentation services at 02 4948 4200 or contact us online to schedule your first appointment.