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The decision to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery should not be made lightly. Being as informed as possible is the best way to decide whether surgery is right for you, which procedure you want to undergo, and which doctor is best suited to your needs. For years, Dr. John Newton has been treating patients from all over NSW, Australia, including the Central Coast and Mid North Coast, from his beautiful office beside Lake Macquarie in Warners Bay, near the Hunter Valley and Newcastle. Dr. Newton performs cosmetic surgery to the highest standards of comfort, convenience, and safety.

What makes surgery with Dr. John Newton special?How safe is cosmetic surgery?Will my insurance cover the cost of cosmetic surgery?What can I expect when recovering from surgery?Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?Which procedure is right for me?I’m interested in learning more. What is the next step?

What makes surgery with Dr. John Newton special?

Dr. Newton’s practice is based on a simple philosophy: to care for patients ethically, consult honestly, and produce superior results using the safest, most effective cosmetic surgery available. Our office is comfortable and welcoming, allowing patients to enjoy treatment in a relaxing atmosphere.

How safe is cosmetic surgery?

No surgical procedure is guaranteed to be entirely safe; the chance of dangerous side effects always exists. However, Dr. Newton has an outstanding safety record and uses only cosmetic surgery procedures that are proven safe and effective.

Will my insurance cover the cost of cosmetic surgery?

Insurance often covers the cost of reconstructive surgery, such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast reduction, and abdominoplasty. Purely cosmetic procedures are not typically covered by health insurance.

What can I expect when recovering from surgery?

Recovery is very different depending on the procedure, but everyone will need some time to recover. Some patients will need to spend a few days in the hospital after surgery, while others will be able to return home the same day. Most cosmetic surgery patients need to take a few days or weeks off work, so planning the timing of the procedure to allow for this is important. Some less involved procedures require only a few weeks before patients are fully recovered, while others require months. For patients who want to avoid long recovery times, less invasive procedures such as laser skin renewal might be ideal.

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

The secret to successful cosmetic surgery is timing. When the right person undergoes the right procedure at the right time, the results can be life-changing. In order to achieve success, patients should be knowledgeable about the procedure they are undergoing and should have reasonable expectations for the final outcome.

Cost of Plastic Surgery

There are several factors involved in the costs you may pay for your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. They include the Surgeon’s fee and the fee related to the facility (i.e. hospital or surgery) in which you have your operation. There may be fees related to an Anaesthetist and an Assistant Surgeon. There may also be fees for any Prosthesis used.

If your surgery is purely Cosmetic Surgery, then it is not rebatable by the government (Medicare) or your Health Fund. The costs will all have to be paid by you.

If your surgery is classified as Reconstructive Surgery, however, it is rebatable and you will be able to claim from both Medicare and your Health Fund if you are in one. The total cost may not be covered, but the amount you have to pay will be significantly reduced.

It is important to know that many procedures, which you may think are Cosmetic Surgery, are actually classified by the government as Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. This is because they adversely affect your wellbeing.

Examples relating to Breast Surgery may include Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction for abnormally shaped Breasts and after breast cancer treatment and even nipple deformity.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) for a stretched tummy is usually rebatable and in some cases liposuction may be rebatable also.

Surgery for nasal deformity (nose job), especially if the nose has suffered trauma or the airway is reduced, may also be rebatable, as are most otoplasties, (ear pinning).

Upper Eyelid Reduction (Blephoroplasty) may be rebatable if your vision is compromised by the excess skin.

You will note that in many cases I have said “may be rebatable”. This is because to be rebatable any procedure has to meet Medicare requirements. It is medifraud to classify an operation as Reconstuctive Plastic Surgery when it is in fact a purely Cosmetic Operation.

The costs and whether they are rebatable will be explained to you and you will receive a written quotation at your consultation.

Which procedure is right for me?

This is a decision that will need to be explored together with Dr. Newton at his office near Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Cosmetic surgery is a very individual choice, and patients will need to weigh cost, recovery time, and their cosmetic needs carefully to choose the best option. Dr. Newton offers a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, body, and breast, in addition to ear and nose surgery, wet liposuction, and more. There is something for almost anyone who is interested in undergoing a cosmetic procedure at Dr. Newton’s practice.

I’m interested in learning more. What is the next step?

If you are interested in any of the procedures we offer, the next step is to contact our practice near Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation. At your consultation, Dr. Newton will discuss your cosmetic goals and expectations for surgery in detail and help you make the decision that’s right for you. If surgery is not the best option in your case, Dr. Newton will always tell you so. Dr. Newton prides himself on the uncompromising honesty and integrity of his practice. If you decide that surgery is your ideal option, we will develop a schedule that works for you.

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