Facial Cosmetic Procedures in Newcastle

Facial Cosmetic Procedures in Newcastle

Keep Skin Young, Vibrant, and Healthy in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

The process ging takes its toll on skin. With time skin loses elasticity, thins, and wrinkles. The Newcastle population adores the sun, however overexposure to its harmful UV rays increases the effects of aging creating dark spots, deep furrows, and premature wrinkling in addition to more malicious heath threats like skin cancers.

While those looking to preserve a youthful appearance reach for expensive lotions and heavy make-up to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, several surgical and nonsurgical options offer patients the opportunity to achieve lasting cosmetic improvement to skin showing its age.

Laser Skin Renewal

Laser Skin Renewal offers a nonsurgical option to repair skin irregularities and sun damage, creating a smoother appearance for skin. Dr. John Newton applies the CO2 powered laser energy in short bursts to remove dead and damaged layers of skin. This process reveals the fresh layer of skin beneath as well as stimulates new collagen fiber growth to promote increased elasticity. The method may be employed on wrinkled areas such as the face, hands, and chest.

The laser skin treatment addresses sun damage, scars, warts, and other conditions. The energy pulses work to resurface targeted areas to a smooth and healthy glow. There is some associated swelling with the procedure, recovery time may take up to two weeks.

Laser skin renewal works best on moderate wrinkling and scarring. It does not repair stretch marks. Patients with darker pigmented skin or current acne outbreaks might not be good candidates for the procedure. Laser skin renewal works well on its own, but also complements other surgical procedures like eye lifts to create impressive results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels also help improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin irregularities. Several different intensities of chemical peel are available ranging from superficial to deep. The variation lies in the strength of the chemical compound used to perform the peel. Patients seeking results from chemical peels should discuss the appropriate level of peel for their skin type and desired results. A deep peel provides the most dramatic results but also presents the most risk of burning and skin damage.

During a chemical peel, the solution is applied to the face to degrade the top layers of epidermis to reveal the youthful and new layer beneath. A deep peel might reach as deeply as the lower dermal layer. Patients receiving deep peels undergo anesthetic to reduce the burning sensation of the peel.

After the peel, the skin will “frost” as the upper layer of skin peels and flakes off. For several days after a peel the impacted skin layers will stiffen and slough off. Superficial and medium chemical peels must be repeated to maintain results, however a deep chemical peel offers a more permanent solution. lasting for up to a decade after the procedure is performed.


While nonsurgical options offer great results, those patients looking to achieve significant change in the appearance of wrinkles might wish to opt for a surgical facelift to improve the appearance of facial skin. Over time deep lines form between the brows and around the mouth as well as other areas of the face. Skin also goes slack presenting deep indentations and developing jowls.

With a surgical facelift procedure, the surgeon makes incisions at the hairline to pull skin to a taut and youth suppleness. The results of a facelift are dramatic, often turning back the hands of time by a decade or more by surgically removing wrinkles and presenting a more refreshed face.

While we may feel youthful and full of energy, often the decay and aging of our skin presents a much older face to the outside world. Sun damage, wrinkles, and skin imperfections make us look tired and aged. With nonsurgical and surgical options, cosmetic procedure patients assert control over the aging process. Skin treatments allow patients to present a youthful and invigorated visage to the world.