Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Breast Reduction

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Breast Reduction

There are many reasons that women would want a breast reduction. These reasons range from pain and discomfort to feeling unhappy or self-conscious. There is no need to suffer or limit your life experiences because of the size of your breasts; breast reduction surgery is available to resolve this issue for you.

Reasons for Breast Reduction

Many women feel unhappy with the size of their breasts because they are unable to enjoy certain activities without discomfort. Large breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain, rashes and skin tags, and stop you from taking part in sports. You might feel self-conscious about having large breasts and find it difficult to find clothes to fit. Perhaps your breasts have become larger and now droop after having a baby.

If this sounds like you, make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Dr John Newton from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is committed to high-quality care. He achieves excellent results serving patients in Warners Bay, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the surrounding area.

What’s Involved in a Breast Reduction Procedure

During a breast reduction procedure, your plastic surgeon will cut and remove breast tissue and re-suspend the remaining breast tissue. The wounds will then be sutured closed. The nipple and areola complex is usually left intact to preserve nipple sensation and your ability to breastfeed. You will need complete rest at first, but after a couple of weeks, you can recommence physical activities. Every patient is different, but after about 12 weeks, you should be completely back to normal, far more comfortable, and enjoying your new appearance.

Liposuction to Achieve Smaller Breasts

Breast reduction is major surgery. You might want to consider liposuction as an alternative. Liposuction is a day procedure, the recovery period is short, scarring is minimal, and breastfeeding and nipple sensation are not usually affected. This makes it a great option for younger women who have not yet had children. Although you will need to wear support garments for a while after liposuction, it won’t be long before you are enjoying your new, smaller breasts.

However, liposuction is only suitable in certain circumstances and if your breasts are very large and a real problem to you, the best way to achieve lift and reduction is with a formal breast reduction.

Recovery After a Breast Reduction Operation

For the first week after your operation, you will be bandaged and you will need to rest and look after yourself. Your plastic surgeon will check you over to ensure you are healing. You will need to take things easy for three to four weeks, but in general, after the first couple of weeks, if you feel comfortable with an activity, then it’s okay to do it. You will need to wear a firm supporting bra day and night.

Bleeding can be a complication as with any operation, but this is rare. Breast tissue can die off but this is also very unlikely. Full recovery after major surgery like a breast reduction is 12 weeks. This is usually the maximum time until you are ready for vigorous exercise like horse riding and running.

Nipple Sensation and Breastfeeding

Many women are concerned that a breast reduction will affect nipple sensation and their ability to breastfeed. Although the result is unpredictable, the procedure carried out by Dr Newton minimises the chance that nipple sensation is lost. You might notice your nipples are less sensitive at first, and then sensation is restored. Some women experience more sensitive nipples.

“The way I do the surgery, there is still a lot of breast tissue directly attached to the underlying surface of the nipple areola complex,” says Warners Bay cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr John Newton. “This means women can usually still produce milk and breastfeed.”

Dr Newton points out that contrary to what the media say, breast reduction is probably more common than breast augmentation. After the operation, most patients say they should have had it done years ago and they are extremely happy with the result. To discuss your options, contact us here or schedule an appointment with Dr Newton.