Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

For centuries now sensuous curves and contours have defined the feminine form. The shape of a woman’s body has become an important part of expressing her femininity. Modern media constantly tell us how we should look and feel and our body image is under growing pressure.

The decision to have a breast enhancement is a very personal one however. It is about a woman’s self-confidence, appearance and ultimately their well-being.

There are also a number of lifestyle reasons why individuals consider having a breast enlargement. Simply wearing a bathing costume or a ball gown can be compromised for some smaller breasted women.

Other reasons for breast surgery include the correction of a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, to balance a difference in breast size and as a reconstructive technique following a mastectomy.

Warners Bay Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr John Newton, believes that most women who consider breast enlargement are aiming to improve their appearance
with a natural looking result.

When contemplating breast enlargement Dr Newton believes one of the most important aspects to consider is proportion. With the correct mix of balance and harmony, a body can be sculpted to create an elegance often associated with the alluring feminine figure.

“By assessing a woman’s body shape and size, from her height through to her hip size, I am able to suggest options that would best compliment her figure. Understanding a patient’s expectations and the look she is striving for is paramount to the success of the procedure,” Dr Newton said.

Every breast enlargement is tailored to compliment the individual and her personality.

“Experience has taught me that once a person is happy and comfortable with how they look, they become more confident,” Dr Newton said.

Breast augmentation has had a very interesting history. Whilst it has been around for many years, it received negative publicity in the late eighties and early nineties and has evolved from that.

“The most valuable thing that has come from that period is research. This research has led to significant improvement in the products now available. The current cohesive gel implants, for example, are much safer and many carry a lifetime warranty. The implants are now available in a range of shapes and sizes greatly improving the versatility of the procedure,” Dr Newton said.

Current trends in operative technique and peri-operative care have also led to better outcomes. Implants can be placed in front of or under the muscle, depending on the individual patient.

A new technique, pioneered in Australia by Dr Newton, described as ‘deep pre-pectoral’ inserts the implant into a new plane, still above the muscle but deeper into the breast tissue than previous procedures.

“I have been performing the new technique for over one year now and the outcomes are promising. There have been improved results for a number of patients considered appropriate for the technique,” Dr Newton said.

Figures from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that breast enlargement procedures have risen by over 114% in the last five years.

Although breast enlargements are rapidly growing in popularity, no surgical procedure should be taken lightly.

With any surgical procedure there are always potential problems, although the incidence of complication is low.

“Breast enlargement can enhance a woman’sappearance and boost her self-confidence, but it needs to be performed safely and for the right reasons,” Dr Newton said.

It is important to ensure that your surgeon is fully qualified and experienced, to offer you the best possible result.

Plastic surgeons accredited by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons must train for over eight years to be qualified to practice their specialty.

Further information about procedures and qualified plastic surgeons is available at the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website: wwwplasticsurgery.org.au. Their telephone number for direct enquiry is (02) 9437 9200.

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