Gynaecomastia is excess breast tissue in males. It is less kindly referred to as “Manboobs”. It occurs in young men/boys and on adults. It can be an excess growth of breast gland tissue or an excess of fatty tissue or both. It generally does not result from abnormal natural hormone levels, but can result from the use of steroids.

Gynaecomastia causes severe embarassment and this is particularly so in younger people. It is also important to be aware that men can develop brest cancer, although this is rare.

The Procedure

There are two components to Gynaecomastia, the gland component and the fat component. If the gland component is the major problem the surgical removal of the gland tissue is required. Dr Newton likes to remove all of this tissue and he does so through a small incision under the nipple. If fat is the major problem then liposuction can be used to refine the shape. Often both techniques are necessary.


The surgery results in a very significant improvement.



Gynaecomastia surgery is rebatable.


Post operatively the main risk is bleeding. Nlipple sensation may be lost. Very rarely, some nipple skin may be lost. However, there is no cosmetic surgeon in Australia more committed to the safety, beauty, and satisfaction of his patients than Dr. John Newton, and you can be assured you are in the best hands to reduce the chance of these risks as much as possible.



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