Correctional Surgery

There are a variety of deformities related to breasts that may need to be corrected. These may be: the shape of the breasts themselves, asymmetry of the breasts, Inverted or overly large nipples, previous surgeries, breast cancer, or the result or trauma.

The procedure required to correct deformity of the breasts will obviously depend on what the deformity is. It may include any of the many techniques available plastic surgery including : breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, fat grafting or other tissue grafting or liposuction. One or more proceedures may be necessary and both breasts may require operation. Most surgeries for breast deformities are rebatable.

Inverted Nipples

The Procedure for Inverted Nipples is relatively minor but complex proceedure whereby the ducts (connections between the nipple and the underlying breast tissue) are lengthened allowing the nipple to come out and the nipple is then fixed in place. In the recovery period a “doughnut” of foam is worn over the nipple to allow it to project without compression by your bra. The surgery results in a good projection of the nipple, especially early on when you may even be concerned that it is too much projection, however it settles with time.

Overly Large Nipples

The Procedure for Overly Large Nipples is a simple procedure of reduction of the excess nipple tissue. Recovery is quick and is simply the time it takes for the wound to heal.  Results are good and life can be less embarrassing. There is a risk of oversensitivity, but this is rare.


Correction of Previous Surgery

Breast surgery wether it be for reconstruction or for cosmetic purposes can require reoperation at times. This may be to correct any number of a variety of problems, wether they happen at the time of operation or with deterioration as time goes by. Obviously the surgery you will require depends on the problem to be solved. You may require any one of or a mixture of or even a modification of the variety of surgical proceedures which Dr Newton, as an experienced plastic surgeon can provide. Sometimes, more than one operation is required. Recovery will depend on the surgery performed. It may be weeks or as long as three months. The first four weeks will be the most important. You will probably need to wear a support bra for some time. Your results can vary, depending on your problem, but improvement can almost always be expected and achieved. These types of surgery are usually at least partially rebatable. Risks vary according to the surgery you require. If the risk is significant Dr Newton will tell you and sometimes even advise against you having an operation.

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