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Many women chose to have Breast Augmentation to improve and enhance their figures. Some women just don’t grow enough breast tissue to suit their proportions, some lose volume over time or with childbearing. Either way, they want to feel more feminine.

The Procedure

Preoperatively Dr. Newton will use VECTRA 3-D imaging to help you visualise how you may look post operatively. Another method he may use is to place sizing prostheses in your bra.

Breast Augmentation is the operation used to enlarge your breasts. Essentially it involves placing in implant under the tissues on your chest to fill and firm your breasts. There are variations in the way that John performs it. The variation will depend on what you want to achieve and your physical build. There is no one operation that suits every individual and he will advise you regarding the most appropriate choices for you as an individual. Decisions about these variations relate to the incision used and the plane (layer) into which the implant is placed.  The incision is usually under the breast. The plane into which the implant is placed depends on the amount and quality of tissue cover you have to disguise the implant and the size and shape of the implant.  Sometimes he will place the implant under the muscle, sometimes directly under the breast and sometimes in an intermediate plane. John will perform your operation in a fully certified hospital, not a clinic or day centre. Your augmentation will be done under a general anaesthetic given by a fully qualified anaesthetist who will also arrange good pain relief for you. Full sterile techniques will be used and antibiotics will be given to you. You may have a drain in your breasts and you may stay overnight, and you will go home wearing a surgical support bra. A week after, John will see you at his consultation rooms for a post-operative appointment.

The Plane Of Insertion

John will use one of three different planes to insert the breast implant. The correct plane for you will depend on the amount of tissue you have to cover the implant and the size and shape of the implant we chose. John will guide you through this process and help make the correct decision for you.

  • Submammary Plane: The implant is directly under the breast and in front of the muscle.
  • Submuscular Plane: The implant is underneath the muscle (also called Dual Plane).
  • Subfascial Plane: The implant is between the muscle fibres and the muscle lining (fascia).


Pain varies according to the plane used and a patients individual tolerance, but most women manage well on panadol or panadiene. After the operation, you will have to wear a firm supportive bra and take good care of yourself. The first 4 weeks are the most important. Patients are generally able to return to work after two to four weeks and to all normal activities after six weeks. Strenuous physical activity may take longer. After that you will steadily build up your activity. Remember, we are aiming for a good long term result, so use your own common sense and respect yourself.


The perfect breast augmentation should result in a naked breast which has a natural and attractive shape and is in balanced proportion with your body. To achieve this optimal breast augmentation result, the many characteristics of your figure must be taken into account, including chest wall shape, breast tissue volume, breast differences, muscle bulk, shoulder width, height, weight, hip width and bottom size. If these body characteristics of you as an individual are not taken into account the resultant breast augment may be less than optimal for you or even disappointing and abnormal. Your expectations and preferences regarding your breast enlargement must also be taken into account. You will no doubt have concepts of what you would like to look like and, after all, you are the one who has to be happy with your breasts in the end. There is no one breast augment that suits everyone and it is by managing you as an individual that Dr. John Newton can achieve the best breast augment for you personally.


The cost of having a breast augment varies according to the hospital in which you have your surgery, the type of implant used and whether you stay in hospital overnight. In some instances there may be a rebate available. If you have a medical condition relating to your breasts, such as breast asymmetry or breast deformity, some of the costs of your breast augmentation may be rebatable. This will be determined at your initial consult with Dr. Newton. At your consult with John, you will discuss the costs with his office manager and she will give you a detailed written costing. The cost is usually around $10,000 to $11,000 using the best quality implants.


To reduce the risks, John has distinct preferences based purely on safe surgery and good results. He will only operate in fully accredited hospitals of the highest standard, using only very good quality implants and he prefers patients to stay in overnight for good pain relief and to monitor them for bleeding, (which is rare). Whist these preferences may increase your cost a little; you can be assured that Dr Newton’s practice does not make any money from them. They only serve to give you safer surgery and a better result.

Breast Augmentation Surgery carries the same general complications as all major surgeries. These include anaesthetic complications, bleeding, infection and potential clots in the legs and perhaps clots moving to the lung. Specific complications related to breast augmentation may best be divided into early complications and late complications. Early complications include bleeding and infection. These can be handled and managed successfully by attention to signs of bleeding in the post-operative period and by perioperative use of good technique and antibiotic. Another complication which can occur early is reduction of nipple sensation. Often this improves to become normal and occasionally over sensitive. Sometimes the sensation remains reduced. Late complications include complications related to scar capsule formation, such as an apparent hardening of the breast or over-mobility of the implant. These problems may require surgical correction. A breast implant is a foreign body and as such infection can occur at any stage down the track from operation. Protective antibiotics should be used when you have further major surgery or major dental work done. Breast implants can break down (although this is uncommon with modern cohesive gel prostheses.) If a leak is detected it is appropriate to have your implant removed and replaced.

Breast Cancer / Lymphoma : Implants are not associated with an increased risk of Breast Cancer. However, they have been associated with an extremely low incidence of a blood cell cancer known as Lymphoma in the tissues around the implant. It is believed that such patients are genetically predisposed to developing Lymphoma before they had breast augmentation.

In general, Breast Augmentation is a widely performed, successful and low complication operation. John performs Breast Augmentations in the safest possible way, not with a view to turnover of patients, but to provide good and safe outcomes.

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