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The breast is one of the most common areas of concern for female plastic surgery patients.

With Dr. John Newton you have the opportunity to enhance the appearance of your breasts in optimum safety and comfort.

The Most Desired Breast Shape

Its not only about size, its about shape.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Patrick Mallucci.

85% of people worldwide of all ages, genders and social groups agree that the “Beckoning Breast” is the most attractive.

“Natural Shape” is 95% preferred and gives a more youthful appearance.

This breast shape involves the 45:55 ratio, also known as the u:l ratio whereby the upper part of the breast makes up 45% of the whole and the lower, a fuller 55%.

The nipple sits at the upper-lower boundary known as the nipple meridian (NM) and points upwards at a mean angle of 20%.

UPL = Upper Pole Line, NM = Nipple Meridian, LPL = Lower Pole Line, UPS = Upper Pole Slope, LPC = Lower Pole Curve.

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