Breast Enhancement: Taking Control of Your Appearance

Breast Enhancement: Taking Control of Your Appearance

Women today are more open about their cosmetic procedures than women of previous generations. You may work with women who have lip injections or botox done during their lunch hour. It is not unusual to have a conversation about tummy tucks, liposuction or having work done on the eyelids. Women are unapologetically taking control of their appearance.
We know that nothing else feels as wonderful as being confident in your body, being satisfied with your appearance. You want to be able to glance at your reflection and be content with what you see.

Breast Augmentation

You may already know that breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. You may have even considered having the work done yourself, but didn’t follow through. Maybe you were afraid the results wouldn’t look natural or could become problematic in the future.
You should know that breast enhancement can look very natural when you trust an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants Have Improved

In the skilled hands of a qualified surgeon, your breast implants will look and feel remarkably real. A teardrop shaped implant will give a very natural shape to your breasts. Round implants are available when you need more fullness. Today’s most recent implants are self-shaping. They are round when you are lying down and adapt to a teardrop shape when you are upright, mimicking the natural motion of breast tissue.

Rather than using saline filled implants, the devices used today are made with semisolid gel-filled silicone. The gel-filled silicone will give a much more realistic feel to the breast than the saline filled implants of years past. Your implants will feel like firm breast tissue.

Your surgeon will discuss the best size and placement of your breast implants. Depending on your unique shape, the implant can be placed either over or under the muscle. Much of the look and feel of breast implants will be determined by how much tissue is available to cover it. Your surgeon will explain your best options.

Your Nipples Will Still Function

Immediately after breast enlargement, you may lose some sensation in your nipples. This is normal. For many women, nipple sensitivity will return with time. Even if nipple sensitivity is lost, the nipple area will still be sexually and environmentally responsive. Some women will find their nipples to be more sensitive than before surgery.

Having breast augmentation surgery will not interfere with your ability to breastfeed. The nipple complex and breast glands will be left intact. The size and shape of your breast can still change because of breastfeeding.

Your Implants are Safe

You may have heard stories of women having implants that leaked. Those problems were much more common with the saline filled implants of the past. The risk of implant breakdown or leakage is significantly lower with today’s semisolid models. The risk of your implants breaking down or leaking into surrounding tissues is quite low, nearly zero.

If you read that implants need to be replaced every ten years, you may want to check the date of that article. Your breast implants will not need to be removed or replaced unless there’s a significant problem. You will feel more secure about breast implant safety after discussing your concerns with your cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Whether you are considering this procedure or an arm reduction, thigh lift, ear pinning, or nose job, you want to be sure you are trusting a qualified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. In Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, you may want to contact Dr. John Newton. Dr. Newton has the experience and expertise to turn your dream of cosmetic improvement into your new reality. For your questions about breast implants, or to learn more about other cosmetic procedures or injectables, contact Dr. Newton today.