Breast Augmentation – Proportion & Femininity

Breast Augmentation – Proportion & Femininity

Breast size has been and remains a cause of concern for many women.

For many women, being large breasted is a significant cause of physical and sometimes emotional concern. On the other hand for an equally large number of women, being small breasted is a cause for concern.

This concern may be on many levels. The basic level is often one of a woman not feeling perhaps as feminine as she would like to feel because her breasts are small.

Traditionally having adequate breast size has been associated with “womanliness” and there is no doubt society has educated itself to believe this. Being small breasted may therefore be interpreted as being in some way inadequate as a woman. Whilst we know inside us this is not at all true, for some girls it is a feeling which is hard to deny.

This basic insecurity then carries through to other levels. A somewhat practical level is that of clothing. Many small-breasted girls find it difficult to “fill out” clothing, which they might like otherwise to wear. The classical examples are ball gowns and swimwear. However, this can be perceived as a problem in many types of clothing.

Simply finding underwear in which a small-breasted girl feels happy can be difficult.

Another level of concern is the level of personal relationships. Because of small breast-size, some girls are very shy in proceeding with interpersonal relationships. Even after marriage, some small-breasted girls remain shy and indeed after having children and breast-feeding, when there may be a reduction in the volume of the breasts, these girls can be even more embarrassed.

For many girls this multi-layered erosion of confidence can be quite compromising.

Consequently many girls do look to breast augmentation for help.

Concepts of feminine beauty do vary but generally it would be true to say they combine appropriate proportions to create elegance, balance and consequently an alluring feminine figure.

Having appropriately full breasts in proportion to a woman’s height, chest size, waist size as well as bottom and hip size is relevant in the overall image of the female figure.

It is this alluring proportion that many women aspire too but they are compromised by their breast-size.

Breast augmentation can be a method of approaching ‘beauty in proportion’. It can therefore be an appropriate consideration for a number of smaller breasted women.

Breast augmentation has had an interesting history. Whist is has been around for many years, it has gone through a period of significant negativity in the late eighties and early nineties and has evolved from that. There is no doubt that during that period there was a significant amount of anxiety for a large number of people who had had breast augmentation. Perhaps the most valuable thing to come out of that period was research. This has lead to significant improvement.

Prostheses are now far more versatile and significantly less prone to problem. The current cohesive gel prostheses are much safer and a number of them now have a lifetime warranty. The versatility of the procedure has been distinctly improved with a substantial increase in the range of shapes and sizes available.

Current trends in operative technique and peri-operative care have also lead to better outcomes. Prostheses can be placed in front of the muscle  and under the breast tissue, under the muscle or more recently in a new plane, which whilst it is in front of the muscle, is deeper than the prior level of insertion.

This latest development would be described as ‘ deep to the pre-pectoral fascia’.

I believe it is important however that the procedure not be taken lightly. It is a major decision for any woman to make. It has long-term ramifications. The surgical procedure itself is a relatively major procedure and there is no doubt that there is some associated potential risk, although the incidence of complication is relatively low.

In the decision making process, it is very important that any woman undergoing breast augmentation is thoroughly aware of all the details of the  operation, as is consideration of her desired outcome and her proportions.

Breast augmentation when done with appropriate care and consideration remains, and will continue to remain, an appropriate operation for many small-breasted women who wish to enhance their figures.