Breast Augmentation – GETTING IT RIGHT

Breast Augmentation – GETTING IT RIGHT

Having breast augmentation is not a case of one operation suits all people. The operation needs to be tailored to suit the you, an individual woman, for whom it is being performed. Many things have to be considered.

The basic ones relate to the size and shape of the implant and the plain of the chest tissues into which it is inserted. The result should enhance and beautify your figure. It should be in proportion and look natural, especially when she is naked.

breasts-799889_960_720-768x508The size and shape of the implant depend on your size and shape. Style and beauty are directly related to proportion and this is why augmentation within your individual proportions is so important.

Larger women can have, and indeed may need, quite large implants. Smaller women may look best with smaller implants. Similarly taller women can carry larger implants, whereas shorter women may not be suited to large implants at all, but may be beautiful balanced when small to medium implants are used.
It is very important that if you are considering augmentation you see yourself as in individual and do not feel that, because a friend had implants of a certain size, you should have the same.

Shape and Size of Implant

The shape of the implant you choose is also very important. For many women, especially women with smaller breasts and not a lot of soft tissue on their chest to cover the implant, a shaped implant will give a more natural appearance than a round implant. In a woman with a moderate amount of soft tissue cover a round implant may be OK.

How do we know how you may look after your augmentation?

I have been using 3-D imaging for several years now. It is a routine part of every breast augmentation consult I do. I use a VECTRA 3-D machine which allows us to look at the variety of implant shapes and sizes and the results of your surgery according to the implant used.
The other major question which has to be answered is: “What is the correct plane for insertion of my breast implants?”

Traditionally, there have been two planes into which the implants have been inserted. They are: under the breast gland and in front of the muscle (submammary plane) and behind the muscle (subpectoral plane).

More recently, a third plane, in front of the muscle tissue but underneath a thickening of tissue which is normally adherent to the front of the muscle, has been utilised (subfascial plane).

So which is the correct plane?

Once again aim of Breast Augmentation is to produce a natural looking, natural feeling breast enhancement, with minimal problems, both in the short-term and the long-term.
In these respects, each of these planes has their pros and cons.

  • In front of the muscle (submammary) the surgery is generally less traumatic and your recovery can be quicker. In this plane the impact of the implant on the breast is very direct, often producing a fuller, more round appearance.
  • If you are slim and if a largish implant is chosen, however, the implant may be obvious and indeed there may be an increased potential for dropping of the breast with the implant over time.
    Under the muscle (subpectoral) there is an increased amount of tissue to cover the implant, which may be a distinct advantage if you are a slimmer person and there may be a lesser tendency for the implant to drop.

On the other hand, behind the muscle the surgery is more traumatic and your recovery is generally a little slower. Under the muscle there is the possibility of distortion of the implant when the muscle is flexed resulting in a change in shape of the breast and in the longer term the implant may be moved up or even down by muscle action. There may even be scarring of the muscle onto the breast below the nipple so that with flexion of the muscle there is a “double bubble” appearance.

  • The third plane, the subfascial plane is perhaps a combination of the best components of the two more traditional planes. The muscle is not interfered with and its distortional effect is not present. It does however provide a smoother appearance of the implant on the chest wall than the submammary plane by contributing an extra, subtle, layer.

Breast Augmentation in Warners BayOnce again, however, if a large or round implant or a saline implant is chosen, then the subfascial plane may not provide enough cover to adequately disguise the implant if you are a slimmer woman.
Whilst surgeons may have a plane in which they generally prefer to place an implant, the decision-making about the plane should be individually based so as to best match you and your implants. It should depend upon the amount of tissue you have available to cover the implant once it is inserted and it should relate to the size and the type of the implant chosen.

In short, if you have adequate cover to disguise the implant and if the implant chosen is not too big, then one of the planes in front of the muscle may be the preferred choice. The subfascial plane appears to offer some advantages over the more traditional plane in front of the muscle.
If you are slim, with little tissue to cover the implant, if a round or saline implant is chosen, or, if you choose to use a reasonably large implant, then behind the muscle may be the preferred plane.
To restate the aims of Breast Augmentation, they are: “to create a natural appearing breast and to minimize problems.” The choice of both the implant and the plane are vital and must be individualised to you, the patient, if this is to be achieved.

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