Would You Benefit From Oncoplastic Surgery In Warners Bay?

Would You Benefit From Oncoplastic Surgery In Warners Bay?

If you have chosen a lumpectomy as an essential part of your treatment for breast cancer, you may wish to consider oncoplastic surgery in Warners Bay as a viable addition to your breast conservation regimen.

Rather than removing the entire breast through a mastectomy, many women opt to have any cancerous lump remove via lumpectomy. In the past, a woman had to wait a long time after her surgery to consider any reconstructive procedure that would restore shape and symmetry to her breasts. Now, as part of a multidisciplinary procedure, a woman can have her breasts reconstructed immediately after her lumpectomy while still in the operating room.

Dr. John Newton is a reconstructive plastic surgeon, who is a member of numerous renowned societies of plastic surgeons. With over three decades of providing excellent care to his patients, he is one of Australia’s most experienced cosmetic surgeons. His expertise performing oncoplastic surgery in Warners Bay makes him your logical choice when considering the best means of saving your breasts.

Who is a good candidate for oncoplastic surgery?

Any woman diagnosed with breast cancer, who wants to save her breasts and avoid a mastectomy, can be a candidate for oncoplastic surgery. The first step would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Newton, at which time he will perform a thorough examination of your breasts and review the reports and diagnosis from your oncology surgeon. After taking into consideration the volume and location of the lumps, Dr. Newton will make an evaluation on what effect the removal of the cancerous cells will have on the size of your breasts.  He will then review his findings with you and give a recommendation if you are a good candidate for the benefits of oncoplastic surgery.

What should I expect during the procedure?

When you have your lumpectomy, your oncology surgeon will remove the cancerous tumor(s) from one or both of your breasts. They will also remove a sizable portion of healthy tissue to make sure all the cancerous tissue is removed.  Then, while you are still in surgery, Dr. Newton will come in and perform the oncoplastic portion of the overall procedure. He will evaluate the volume of tissue that remains and will reshape the breast into a smaller, more rounded breast. If both breasts had lumps removed, Dr. Newton will perform this procedure on both. If only one had a cancerous tumor removed, he will reshape the healthy breast to make it symmetrical to the reconstructed breast.

What are the benefits of having both procedures at the same time?

Dr. John NewtonScheduling both procedures to be done at the same time ensures that you need to only go through one surgery and not have to return for a second operation. In addition, you have your reconstructive surgery done before any radiation treatments and, in that way, you can avoid any potential side effects from undergoing post-radiation surgery.

If you would like to learn more about oncoplastic surgery and how it may be right for you, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Newton online, or by calling 02 4948 4200.