A Quick Lift (FaceLift)

A Quick Lift (FaceLift)

A revolutionary new technique called a FeatherLift face-lift is now offering great results to help slow the process of aging, in a fraction of the time needed for traditional surgery.

The procedure is renowned for the length of time it takes to complete, with most FeatherLift face-lifts being performed in under 45-minutes

Newcastle Plastic Surgeon, Dr John Newton, is one of the first surgeons in Australia and the only in the Hunter to perform the procedure.

The face-lift is quick, minimally invasive (only tiny incisions are needed) and can be performed under a local anaesthetic resulting in a fast recovery and fewer possible complications.

Using a needle, specially designed threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fat, at a required depth, along the pre-determined contours. The threads help lift, contour and suspend the sagging tissues of the face.

The procedure was developed in Russia five years ago and introduced to Australia in October last year. The end result is very similar to a conventional facelift, without the operation, general anaesthetic and scars. The best thing is that results so far have also proven to be long lasting.

“The procedure is proving very popular overseas because it is much less invasive than traditional face and brow lifts and recovery time is very
fast,” Dr Newton said.

“It is also very popular with younger women wanting subtle changes and to delay the signs of aging such as facial drooping.”

As we grow older we tend to lose substance from under the surface of the skin, especially in the face. This causes the skin to develop lines and wrinkles.

The FeatherLift face-lift is suitable for patients with mild to moderate sagging of the face and neck, premature aging and sun damage and weakly pronounced aesthetic contours. It is also useful in some cases of deformity such as palsy, stroke and trauma.

There are also very few complications associated with the procedure.

“Side-effects could include possible swelling, bruising and there are usually small tender marks on the face for two or three days where the needle has been inserted,” he said.

Dr Newton started performing FeatherLift face-lifts recently and said interest in the Hunter had been strong.

“I have already performed the procedure on a number of patients and the results have been very encouraging. It is great to offer a procedure that is non-invasive and quick for patients, but also provides significant results.”

Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular in America, with figures provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealing an increase in procedures of 119% between 1997 and 1999. Australia is following this trend with cosmetic procedures becoming more popular and widely accepted.

Dr Newton stressed that anyone considering any kind of plastic surgery, should consult a accredited plastic surgeon and discuss their expectations about looking and feeling better, keeping in mind that the desired result is improvement, not perfection.

“Emotional stability is also an important factor. Plastic surgery can renew your self-confidence and improve your appearance, but the rest is up to you,” he said.

It is also important to ensure that your surgeon is fully qualified and experienced to offer you the best possible results.

Plastic surgeons accredited by The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons must train for over eight years to be qualified to practice their specialty.

Further information about procedures and qualified plastic surgeons is available at the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website www.plasticsurgery.org.au. Their telephone number for direct enquiry is 02 9437 9200.

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